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About Us

ACE is highly diverse, with over 150 job categories and 400+ members spread across the entire district. ACE is a democratic organization that exists for the benefit of its members. We encourage your active participation in your union!

The primary functions of ACE include contract negotiations and maintenance; financial management; handling grievances and member concerns; serving on ASD committees such as Health Benefits, Sick Leave Bank, and Calendar; and active involvement in crucial political issues through APEA's Employee Political Information Committee (EPIC) and the Anchorage Central Labor Council.

For all Inquiries about ACE Membership, Please Email:

You can become an ACE member by clicking on the ACE Membership Application link above if you decide to be a member. 

Please note there is also a box to decline membership if you so chose, either way it is important to have your application on file.

Thank you!

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