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To aid in promoting quality education

We extend a warm and sincere welcome to you as a new ACE member.

ACE is highly diverse, with over 150 job categories and 400+ members spread across the entire district. We encourage your active participation in your union! 

Dane Sutterfield, ACE President

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Good Afternoon ACE Employees,

There has been concerns presented to me that ACE has not been communicative regarding the recent school closures. The truth is that ACE has very wide range of positions which make an all-inclusive directive very difficult. I feel that the district has been communicating District closure effectively.  However, I hope this email helps with clarification on the School District’s emergency closure policies.


According to the ACE Contract, Section 510, our directions regarding school closure reads as follows:


EMERGENCY CLOSURE When District facilities are closed to students due to inclement weather conditions, employees will telephone the supervisor if arrival will be late, unless phone contact is not feasible. When an employee arrives within 90 minutes of the normal starting time, full credit will be given for the day's attendance.  If travel to the workplace is hazardous, the absence will be charged in the following order: (1) non-workdays; (2) if the employee has no non-work days, annual leave; (3) if the employee has no annual leave, unpaid leave. By mutual agreement between the supervisor and the employee, the employee may be allowed to utilize flexible scheduling to make up work missed or may work from an alternative work site.


For those of us employees who are emergency personnel, this isn’t usually an issue, but for non-emergency personnel, you should be communicating with your supervisor for direction in how to handle these days. They may allow you to work from home, make up missed hours, or you may be asked to take a non-workday. It is their call and I encourage you to keep an open line of communication with them.


If your position is school based, the school year will be extended to make-up significant closure days, either during the remainder of the school year or at the end of the school year.


If you have further questions about a specific question, you may contact the APEA Office at (907) 274-1688 and talk with our ACE Representative.


Stay safe and Happy Holidays!


Dane Sutterfield

ACE President

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